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<a>Who online therapy is best for</a>

Teletherapy is good for people who prefer a range of communication formats and are comfortable using technology to communicate and disclose personal information. It’s important to have a quiet, private area, a functional device, and a strong, reliable internet connection.

Online therapy can be beneficial for a variety of people and conditions. It can address several types of issues and feelings, such as:

  1. anxiety

  2. depression

  3. relationship issues

  4. self-esteem issues

  5. stress

  6. big life changes

Online therapy is also suitable for people who:

  1. feel more comfortable in their own environment

  2. are unable to leave their home due to a disability or health condition

  3. lack transportation access

  4. live in a rural or remote area

  5. have a busy or changing schedule

  6. want an affordable therapy option

While online therapy can be a great option for some groups of people, it’s not suitable for everyone. For one, it’s not a good fit for use in emergencies or mental health crises. You should call 911 or the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline at 988. You can also text 988 and access support through its website.

To access any only therapy platforms and your therapist, you’ll also need a consistent connection to a computer or smartphone, and Wi-Fi.

Some platforms also don’t provide legal documentation for court-ordered therapy.

While text therapy can be helpful, it’s not a perfect fit for everyone. Some people miss face-to-face contact, while others feel more comfortable outside of the house.

While there are many similarities between online therapy and in-person therapy, there are some differences to expect. The main one is that appointments will primarily be done via video or phone call or even messaging.

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