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  • Sam DiFranco


Believe it or not blended families are very common. Bringing two parents and their children together can be challenging. Children may be used to different parenting styles and family routines.

At times, the transition can be stressful, however it is normal.

Most can say, It is hard to balance being liked by a stepchild and parenting them well. It often takes time to adjust to parenthood. It can also take time to gain acceptance from a partner’s children.

As a parent, you have to remember the child(s) is going through the same stress, so you are not alone.

Depending on a child’s past relationships with their biological parents, it will determine how open he or she may be to the next. For example, a child may feel abandoned by a biological parent after a divorce. And when the child starts caring for the stepparent, they may struggle with new emotions.

It’s not always that a child does not want to open up, they just may not know how to. At Star point counseling center, we can help break down that wall and give your family a chance to build a stronger bond and trust. 

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