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  • Sam DiFranco

Choose Happiness Today!


Here are some simple ways to choose happiness:

  1. Don’t attach your happiness to anything external. Happiness is an inner experience, don’t attach it to your relationship, job, finances, or your personal appearance.

  2. Give freely. Give compliments, love, affection, help, respect, empathy, etc. It makes you feel great and karma will bring it back around to you.

  3. Receive openly. Accept compliments, help and gifts. Embrace touch and praise. Absorb love and affection. While you are on the receiving end, the other is able to experience giving.

  4. Look for the good. Practice gratitude to stay positive. Try to see the good in yourself, others, and the world.

  5. Take care of yourself. Both physically and mentally.

  6. Surround yourself with friends. Surround yourself with positive people who make you feel good about yourself.

  7. Be true to yourself. Be honest, real, and vulnerable. Let your inner light be your guide.

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