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  • Sam DiFranco


Emotional overwhelm occurs when the intensity of your feelings outmatches your ability to manage them.

Being emotionally overwhelmed, you may struggle to identify where it is coming from. Often there are many stressors contributing to emotional overwhelm rather than one particular situation.


  1. feeling sick or fatigue frequently

  2. Struggle to focus or complete tasks

  3. You find yourself distancing from loved ones or close friends.

  4. Your reactions are “big” in small situations.

Being emotionally overwhelmed is okay from time to time, however, Emotional overwhelm can make it difficult to take care of yourself. You may forget meals, skip rest breaks, or struggle to fall asleep.

Without the proper maintenance of health, it can make it hard to remain rational and can impact social life in a negative way.

At Star Point Counseling center, Therapy is often a helpful way to sort through difficult emotions, especially those that occur as a result of stress or trauma.

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