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Grief And Loss.


Mourning occurs in response to an individuals own terminal illness or the loss of a loved one or animal.Everyone grieves differently, some people wear their emotions on their sleeve while others may grieve internally and don’t even cry. There are five stages of grief, individuals spend different lengths of time on each stage of grief and loss and with different levels of intensity. The five stages should be used as a guide to understand where you are in your grieving process. Not every one goes through all five stages and they don’t go in any specific order. 

Denial and isolation

This is a temporary response that gets us through the first initial feeling of pain. We deny and block out the reality of the situation.


We sometimes resent the deceased person for leaving us and causing such great pain, we feel guilty for being angry and this causes us more anger. 


We often feel as if we need to gain control, we say to ourselves “if only we went to the doctors sooner,” or “if only I had been nicer to them.” We make a deal with a higher power in order to delay the inevitable. 


We may find ourselves worrying about the costs and plans for the burial and funeral, we find ourselves worried that we haven’t spent enough time with others who are also grieving and depend on us. We also may be more quietly depressed, this is the time that we prepare to say goodbye to our loved ones. 


Reaching this stage is a blessing, unfortunately not everyone gets to this stage. This stage gives you peace and calmness about the loss of your loved one. 

Grief and loss is a personal process, there is no right way to grieve and there is no time limit to it. Nobody can help you get through it more easily or really understand what you are going through, but having others there to support you and to comfort you can be beneficial. 

The Licensed Mental Health Therapists at Star Point Counseling Center can be there for you in your darkest hours holding the light of faith and giving you hope, renewal, and strength. Call us today! (813)244-1251

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