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  • Sam DiFranco

Help Your Child (and Yourself) Find More Joy

Take a break and regroup. There will be times when you are overwhelmed, upset, emotional or distracted. When this happens, allow yourself to take a break to regroup. Pausing for a bit to gather yourself doesn’t mean signaling defeat; instead, it’s a great self-care strategy that allows you to better deal with challenges in a healthy and successful way.

Review and recalibrate. Think about things that happened and what you’ve done and focused on lately and learn from them. Self-care means taking time to really evaluate if situations, activities and relationships in your life are healthy and should continue. If needed, eliminate or adjust these things so your life is filled with positivity and what you enjoy.

Set some goals. We all have areas of our lives that we wish were different or want to make a change. While some important things in life are currently out of our control, each of us has the power to make individual choices and set goals no matter what difficult situations and setbacks we may be facing. Take small steps toward a goal, commit and do your best

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