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Is Your Teen Depressed?

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To adults and parents, a teen’s life may seem carefree. But in reality, teens struggle with many of the same things adults do, including depression. Teens who struggle with depression often exhibit many warning signs, as a parent you want to be aware of what they are and the actions to take.

If you spot any of these warning signs be sure to get your teen the help that he/she needs.

  1. Deep sadness. Sadness that persists for more than two weeks. Teens with depression have many thoughts or talk about suicide, or may resort to hurting themselves through cutting.

  2. Changes through eating habits or weight. If your child seems tormented about weight, it could be a sign of depression. Changes of eating habits are also a sign, look for suddenly eating more or less and sudden weight changes.

  3. Changes in sleep patterns and activity. Some teens may suddenly exhibit insomnia and have a hard time sleeping, while others may sleep much more than usual.

  4. Changes in mood and behavior. They may be very moody, becoming easily agitated, irritable and upset. Some teens may begin abusing alcohol and drugs or start getting in trouble with the law.

  5. Plunging self-esteem. Teens who are depressed tend to think negatively and very critically about themselves, they are never satisfied with their appearance.

  6. Withdrawal. Withdraw socially from friends and family and no longer want to participate in activities they used to enjoy may be a sign to look for.

  7. Physical pain. Frequent headaches, stomachaches, and pain elsewhere in the body for no otherwise clear cause may be a sign of depression in teens. Also, suddenly complaining of being very fatigued and having no energy, as well as frequent and sudden spells of crying.

If you notice any of these signs previously mentioned, call us so we can help encourage the expression of negative thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that may be compromising your child’s sense of well being. We can provide tools, skills, and strategics to help your child improve his or her self esteem and self concept, relationships, and to increase their level of functioning at home and at school.

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