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  • Sam DiFranco

Perfection Can Be Detrimental

I think many of us have at some point tried to “do it all.” Whether it was working and being a parent, or putting together a dinner party while writing a proposal for the boss. Or even trying to fit your personal time in when things need to get done around the house. But many people find that success is not always feasible, to the extent in which we wish it to be. A recent article has lined out how this quest for multi-task perfection sometimes leads to behaviors and stress that are unwanted and unhealthy for our lives. Read what this mother had to say about her story, and how she found that her kids were suffering the most from her need to be perfect. Then, comment below. Let us know what you think about this parent’s situation. Can you relate to her? What area’s of your life are you concerned about? Could counseling be a viable option for you? Affordable Counseling wants to hear from you!

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