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  • Sam DiFranco


Phobias are constant, excessive fears of an object or situation that interfere with one’s life and/or cause personal distress.

Although, some fears are useful because they alert a person of potential danger, when it becomes an excessive thought, it turns into a phobia.

Fears of certain objects or situations are considered a phobia when:

  1. The fear is excessive or unreasonable.

  2. The person almost always has an anxiety reaction when he or she encounters the feared object or situation.

  3. The feared object or situation is either avoided or endured with extreme distress.

When a person consistently demonstrates there fear and it starts to affect daily routine, therapy should be considered.


Phobias can cause disagreements in close relationships, as they can limit the activities that partners and families can do together.

At Star Point Counseling Center, it is helpful to attend sessions so that you can learn therapist behaviors that make the exposure exercise effective.

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