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  1. What are my main issues?

  2. Are we just going through a bad phase?

  3. Do you trust each other?

  4. How do you truly feel about the relationship?

  5. What issues are most important?

You are strong enough to make anything work. You are even stronger when you put aside differences to hear each other out and find out the root of the issue to over come it. Going to counseling shows there is still a chance that there is still something to work with, so don’t lose hope.

What is a happy marriage based upon?

The truth is, a “perfect” relationship does not exist. All marriage will require compromise, understanding and patience. It is, however, okay to strive for a happy marriage and the way to do that is by:

*Maintaining a deep friendship- having that deep connection is vital to learn more everyday about one another.

*Having disagreements and conflict- As mentioned before, having a perfect relationship is unrealistic. Having minor issues only makes you human and all you can do is learn and grow from them.

*Support each other’s goals and dreams- In every relationship, there is purpose.

*Work together- Sitting down and trying to understand the opposing side is always a great step however, working together throughout counseling is also going to be required.

Working as a team to resolve issues before getting married will only create a stronger bond and trust. If you would like to take that next step, Star Point Counseling Center can help.

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