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  • Sam DiFranco


spirituality is generally considered to go beyond religion and connect individuals with something larger, such as the universe itself.

Some might describe spirituality as the attempt to understand one’s nature or the meaning of one’s existence, but spirituality is also linked to internal awareness and happiness.

Spirituality may also describe the attention people pay to their own well-being and that of others.

For example, -Therapy -yoga -meditation  -exercise

Those who struggle with wellness often show: -judge themselves and others -feel unsettled -lack of inner peace -feeling of unconcerned

People who have a good spiritual health often:

  1. have empathy for others

  2. Feel at peace

  3. Are very hopeful and optimistic

  4. Make it easier to forgive others

Therapists who are aware of therapeutic strategies based in spirituality, may also be able to provide people in therapy with resources on these topics, whether or not they are able to address them personally.

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