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Affordable Counseling Center offers marriage counseling in Brandon Fl. & Tampa Fl.  and couples counseling in Brandon Fl. & Tampa Fl.

We are naturally wired for relationships. So why are they so difficult? There is not just one answer to this question. There are many reasons that couples find it difficult to stay connected in today’s world.

One culprit is “trust.” It’s what we all strive for in relationships to have a partner we can trust, reach out for comfort and know they will be there. The trust allows us to feel safe. When the trust begins to erode in a relationship, there can be dire consequences. Negative patterns of communication or interactions develop, sometimes distancing an already vulnerable couple from one another. The distancing we feel is often related to our personal triggers, from earlier attachment wounds.

In couples’ therapy we explore together what the couple is experiencing in the room and begin the healing process.

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