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  • Sam DiFranco


If you find it hard at first to get started talking, start small by making conversation and easing into discussion topics that matter to you – little by little. Over time you will learn how to get the most out of therapy.

When it comes to what to talk about therapy, there aren’t really any topics off the table. That said, it’s best if you show up with a willingness to be open, honest, and yes, you guessed it vulnerable.  I know the thought of this can be intimidating. But eventually, you will see how good it feels to unload your thoughts heavy and light.

Not just that, but in a safe space and with someone whose primary goal is to help you benefit and move forward from that sharing. Therapists can only really work with what you tell them, so there’s only so far you can get if you do not open up.

So what do you talk about in therapy? You can talk about whatever is bothering you. It could be anything on your mind – there is no right or wrong, or anything you could say that a therapist would ever judge you for.

Talk with your talk therapist about your relationships, school, or work. Talk to them about a problem you are going through and ask them how to deal with it. In talk therapy, your therapist makes a plan for you to ensure you cover anything you want to talk about and work on. And don’t worry if you ever feel stuck. Your therapist will also ask questions and provide structure as needed.

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