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Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse

One of the more popular group therapy topics, substance abuse can be discussed in a group setting quite successfully. You can learn more about your addiction and discover the triggers that might be contributing to why you engage in addictive behavior. Understanding triggers for addiction can be hugely beneficial in your addiction recovery.

One of the benefits of group therapy is learning exactly what types of things, events, or situations tend to cause you to crave drugs or alcohol means you can avoid them. By doing so, you can increase the chance that your sobriety will last, decreasing the risk of relapse.

Star Point counseling centers notes that substance abuse group therapy discussion topics can include the following additional subtopics:

  1. Substance abuse and the need for support and goal-setting skills

  2. Problem-solving with the opportunity to listen to others’ similar problems and learn

  3. User’s empowerment and skill learning

  4. Routine and structure setting

  5. Relationship building and improvement

  6. Communal sharing, learning, and healing by talking amongst group members

  7. Token economies

  8. Family and community support

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