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  • Sam DiFranco

Don’t Shy Away From Counseling.


When the time comes that you need more than just a shoulder to cry on or a sympathetic ear, look for a greater level of support through a therapy or counseling. Many people shy away from counseling. Sometimes people feel ashamed for needing help and sometimes people think that they should be able to solve their own problems. Perhaps you have supportive family and friends and you think that with their help you can get through it. But don’t expect your family or best friend to be the only kind of help and support you need right now. 

A therapist can help you learn how to break away from the self-damaging patterns of communicating and behaving and learn new skills. If you grew up in a troubled household, it is likely that you need to learn more constructive ways of interacting and living with the people you love–how to communicate, how to create a loving relationship, how to be a good parent, in other words, how to function more successfully. A therapist trained in these areas can help you acquire these skills. 

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