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  • Sam DiFranco

Body Image

What is considered a healthy body image?

A healthy body image is means you are comfortable with the body you have. You don’t have to feel your body is perfect, however, accepting, loving and caring for yourself does.


What we see on social media, television, magazines and other media can have an impact on how people view their image. The messages displayed can be harmful to someone because the standards that are painted, are either very costly or unrealistic.

Did you know?

“Around 80% of women in America are dissatisfied with their bodies. Meanwhile, 34% of men have low body image.”

What causes body image problems?

  1. Peer pressure from friends, family, or other peers

  2. Social anxiety

  3. Depression

  4. Constant self-consciousness

Signs of body image disturbance

  1. Pre occupation with bodily appearance

  2. Strange eating disorders

  3. Drastic changes in appearance

  4. Drastic changes in personality

  5. New priorities

If you are struggling with body image issues or low self-esteem, Therapy can offer support and compassion. Everyone deserves to feel great and confident about themselves. At Star point Counseling Center you can get help without judgment.

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