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Couples Counseling, Marriage counseling

Couples counseling and marriage counseling is for any couple, dating, living together or married, that is not experiencing the type of relationship that they long to have. It may be that you are arguing more than you used to, or that your arguments feel repetitive, or you notice that you and your significant other have become more like “roommates” instead of lovers. Couples often describe trouble with communication, loss of trust or family issues as reasons for coming to therapy. Couples counseling and marriage counseling can help you repair, restore and even improve your relationship.

“Why therapy?” and “why now?” And then the Counselor will listen to each of you as you talk about your hopes and dreams for coming to marriage counseling or couples counseling, as well as your frustrations with where you are right now. We will set goals together, and future sessions should feel like we are working towards the goals you have set. Star Point Counseling Center has helped countless couples fix their relationship through marriage counseling and couples counseling.

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