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Online Counseling Phone Counseling

Affordable Counseling Center is offering phone counseling and online counseling in Brandon Fl. & Tampa Fl. With Covid 19 there is an increase in stress, anxiety, depression, couples are arguing more, families are confined to their homes. Online counseling and phone counseling are ways to talk with  a therapist in a safe way to resolve the issues you are having. Our counselors have found that online counseling and phone counseling is just as effective as in person counseling in the therapist’s office.  It is more convenient and our therapists are complying to HIPPA rules. They are doing their online counseling and phone counseling sessions in a room in their home behind a closed door.  When you do your online counseling or phone counseling you may want to make sure you do not have any distractions such as deliveries, phone calls from work or your clients.  All insurance companies have allowed online counseling and phone counseling sessions to be billed so all you have to pay is your co pay.

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