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Five Friendship Warning Signs.

Two Friends Series

Friendships contribute significantly to our psychical and emotional health. The companionship provided by friends can help ward off depression, boost your self-esteem, and provide support. But occasionally we come across some mediocre friends and we feel pressured to keep it going, out of a sense of loyalty, fear, or guilt, which contributes more stress in the long run than cutting ties. Sometimes friendships wither or fade as two people grow and change, and it doesn’t have to be someone’s fault.

Here are a few clear signs that it may be time to cut loose from a friendship: 

  1. You do not like who you are when around them. Maybe when you’re around them you feel passive-aggressive, catty, envious, or resentful, and you don’t tend to act this way around other friends. 

  2. Your friend brings out bad behaviors in you. Maybe your drinking too much, lying more often, or getting into more arguments with other loved ones. There are many ways that a friend can be a bad influence, other than just skipping school when you were teens. 

  3. The friendship feels significantly unbalanced. There is no reciprocity in your friendship. Maybe you do so much for your friend and get nothing in return, or it may be the other way around and you don’t have the interest in doing the same for them. 

  4. The words you would use to describe them aren’t flattering. Maybe your constantly making fun of them in your head or really just don’t really like them anymore. If you find yourself describing them in ways that are not flattering it may be a sign.

  5. Your friend just doesn’t get you. Maybe they misunderstand you all the time, or make you feel embarrassed about how you dress or what you eat. You might feel so put down that you censor yourself when your around them. 

If this is something that doesn’t just feel like a phase you and your friend are going through then it may be time to consider if this friendship is healthy or not. Not all friendships last forever, it may be time to take the next step and cut loose. 

If you are currently in this situation and you are unsure of how to move on from a friendship or if your decision is weighing heavily on your heart and starting to affect you, give us a call. We will help you take small steps to remove yourself from this toxic friendship you may be in and start making healthy friendships. 


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