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Obsessive-compulsive disorder also known as OCD is a chronic disorder where someone feels the urge to repeat behaviors and obsessions over and over again.

With OCD, intense emotions can occur when things are not done to perfection. You are likely to see anxiety and stress increase. If the levels became too high, it can interfere with ones daily life and responsibilities.

Common behaviors found with OCD: -Things have to be put in order. The little details matter and if it is out of order, it can lead to panic. -At times a person may experience negative thoughts. They become recurring thoughts and can lead to inner conflict. -Hoarding is very common amongst those that experience OCD. It can be described as a sudden urge to need a certain item, and that it is necessary to have it.

Whether someone may experience symptoms or behaviors of OCD, it is important to get help to encourage a productive, healthy lifestyle and at Star Point Counseling, we can do just that. For more information visit,

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