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Troubled tweens & teens

It can be challenging dealing with a child who is defiant at school, home or other places. However, you are not alone. There are places that can aid your child with this problem such as Star Point Counseling center located in Brandon, Fl & Tampa, Fl. We provide tools, skills, and strategies to help your child improve his or her self esteem and self concept, relationships, and to increase their level of functioning at home and at school. 

Involving the entire family in therapy for a troubled teenager can help deal with issues between family members, show the family how to relate to and support the teen, help each family member learn to change unhealthy reactions to each other and help everyone learn effective communication skills.

Therapy can help identify other underlying issues such as depression, anxiety or stress your teen may be facing on a daily. At Star Point counseling center, your child’s voice should be heard and we have open communication that will encourage expression of negative thoughts or feelings.

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