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  • Sam DiFranco

Why men don’t want to do Marriage Counseling

Usually the wife calls a therapist to make an appointment for marriage counseling. Then she tells her husband they have an appointment for marriage counseling with a therapist. He balks, complains and is resistant to going, making excuses and sometimes an argument will ensue from her making the appointment.  Most men feel the therapist will blame them for everything and make them change their behavior.  Some men feel a female therapist with be gender biased and blame him for everything wrong in the marriage. In some cases with some therapists this may be true due to the therapist’s past relationship experiences ( this does not make for a good therapist). Some men will resist because they are afraid some truth may come out, like an affair or substance abuse. Here at Affordable Counseling in Brandon Fl and Tampa Fl we will not hire a therapist who we feel is gender biased.  We see it all the time, the couple comes in for marriage counseling and the husband is either wide eyed or very quiet. They are having a little anxiety just walking in the door. After the session for marriage counseling the guy’s are a lot more relaxed and on board with marriage counseling. This is when they realize it is not all their fault, most of the time it is both of their faults and both of their behavior is the reason they are having trouble and seeking marriage counseling.  At Affordable Counseling in Brandon Fl. and Tampa Fl. we help a lot of couples with marriage counseling and couples counseling. None of our therapists are gender biased and we teach the couples skills and tools to improve their relationship. We never take sides and mediate an argument and say who is right or wrong.

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