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  • Sam DiFranco

Diagnosing an Unhealthy Relationship.


When someone loves you it may be hard to distinguish if it is a healthy love or a tainted one. Here are six key differences:

  1. Giving freely vs. giving to get. Real love is the desire to give to your partner without expecting something in return. When love is tainted, giving is just a way of getting something in return.

  2. Knowing each other vs. changing each other. Healthy love is getting to know each other more and more every day. Tainted love is trying to change someone into something they aren’t, without caring who you are.

  3. Privacy vs. exposure. Real love creates areas in the relationship that are private, while tainted love makes your weaknesses the butt of jokes and details of private, intimate events are shared with anyone.

  4. Repair vs. revenge. If your love is real then arguments become learning experiences and opportunities to grow. Tainted love involves blaming, revenge and getting even.

  5. Shared goals vs. selfishness. Healthy love involves making goals together and encouraging each other to reach their goals and dreams. Unhealthy love asks you to sacrifice your dreams.

  6. Desire vs. guilt. Healthy love creates the desire to get to know your partner, spend time with them, make them happy, and fulfill their needs. Tainted love, instead, demands things and uses guilt to get what it wants.

There are many ways to differentiate between a healthy and unhealthy relationship. If you are interested to learn more or if you recognize that you are in an unhealthy relationship and may not know what the next step should be, call us today!

Star Point Counseling Center (813)244-1251 

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