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Elder Abuse Affordable Counseling Tampa, Fl & Brandon, Fl

Abuse toward older people can occur in various forms. The most common types of elder maltreatment include physical abuse, psychological abuse, sexual abuse, abandonment, emotional abuse, and health care fraud and abuse. In therapy at Affordable Counseling Center in Tampa, Fl & Brandon, Fl, victims of abuse can overcome feelings of denial or shame, gain valuable education on the subject, and build stronger social support networks.

Physical elder abuse involves the deliberate use of force against an older person, resulting in bodily pain, injury, or permanent impairment. While abusive behaviors such as pushing, jostling, or hitting may readily come to mind, less obvious acts of physical abuse include the misuse of medication, the excessive use of restraints, or inappropriate confinement.

Emotional or psychological abuse may be verbal or nonverbal, leading to experiences of emotional or psychological distress in abuse victims. Spoken or written threats, taunts, and constant criticisms are widespread forms of verbal abuse. Elderly people encounter nonverbal abuse when they are ignored, isolated from loved ones, or terrorized by menacing looks or gestures.

If you know or strongly suspect that a family member or friend is a victim of elder abuse, therapy should be seeked. Therapists can assist vulnerable elderly persons to resolve tension, cope with trauma, assess available resources, and make plans for safety. Sessions are available in individual, family, or group settings.

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