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  • Sam DiFranco


Hoarding can often create an experience of positive feelings when obtaining items. You may grow distressed if they are unable to gather more objects. You can also become upset when thinking about the items’ disposal. Even when you wish to stop, you may feel compelled to continue hoarding objects. At Star Point Counseling I’m Brandon, Fl & Tampa, Fl we understand breaking this habit will take some time, however, whenever you are ready, we can help you declutter.

Hoarding can lead to anxiety and indecisiveness. If you are ready for change, Star Point Counseling center has techniques that can create organization and minimize the load.

For example, Many people worry they will throw away an object they will need later. They avoid making decisions by keeping everything. 

You may want to first meet alone with a therapist at Star Point Counseling Center to develop an approach for raising your concerns with your loved one. A therapist can help you prepare for a conversation to encourage your loved one to seek help.

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