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Individual Relationship Therapy: Helping Singles At Affordable Counseling Center In Brandon Fl, And

Although relationship counseling is typically categorized as a type of counseling to help couples through problems in their relationship, individuals who are single can also seek out relationship therapy.

The purpose for singles seeking relationship therapy may be to determine whether they want to change their approach to dating and relationships. Relationship counseling for singles might also examine the patterns that clients have when choosing romantic partners and look at why they choose individuals with specific personality types or re-enter cycles that are toxic to their wellbeing.

Relationship therapy questions you can ask your single clients include:

  1. Do you really want a relationship, or are you just doing what you think you are supposed to do?

  2. Do you find yourself dating people with similar personality types?

  3. Has your relationship history impacted your future?

  4. Is there a barrier keeping you from opening yourself up to potential partners?

  5. What do you feel that you have to offer a potential partner?

  6. Do you feel there is something inherently wrong with being single?


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