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Relationship Habits

Ever wonder why you and your partner find it hard to stop arguing, or being mad at each other? Do you wish there was something you could change? In relationships, we tend to fall into negative habits that are harmful to us and our partners. It is important to recognize what those habits are and that you can develop better ones.

There are 7 habits that ruin relationships:

  1. Criticizing

  2. Blaming

  3. Complaining

  4. Nagging

  5. Threatening

  6. Punishing

  7. Bribing/Rewarding to control

These habits keep you and your partner in constant disagreement with each other, and exert control over others. This behavior often comes from a background of feeling a lack of control of what is going on around them during childhood. Express more compassion with your partner to nurture a successful relationship.

Improve your relationship with these 7 habits instead:

  1. Supporting

  2. Encouraging

  3. Listening

  4. Accepting

  5. Trusting

  6. Respecting

  7. Negotiating differences

These habits are not controlling and gives your partner a sense of freedom. A relationship built on the foundation of these healthy habits results in a long-lasting, stable, and harmonious union.

What are some more nourishing habits you can begin to develop to improve your relationship?

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