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  • Sam DiFranco

Happy Holidays

Affordable Counseling would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays! We hope that your holidays are as stress free as possible, and full of love and joy with family and friends. A recent tagline I heard said, “Less Stress, More Living.” This may be an ideal (yet seemingly unrealistic) motto for some, especially during the holidays. But in its simplest form, the quote is pointing to how stress often conflicts with enjoying every day life which is a very simple supposition understood by many. But how do you live when stress is impeding your life? While there are many quick helpful tips to reduce stress, such as breathing, and stopping to take a break, a tip to remember is that your thoughts are what need to change in order for your feelings and behaviors to change. If you start seeing things in a different way, you are more likely to make long lasting changes rather than short immediate “fixes”

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