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Suffering From Loss?

The Holiday Season can be a time for joy and celebration. However, for many it is a time that reminds us of loss. It is hard celebrating holidays if someone who is usually present, is not longer there to celebrate with. For example a recent death in the family or even a divorce can elicit some greif like symptoms that are hard to handle on your own.

Counseling is a helpful option when grieving from any type of loss. At Affordable Counseling we are available to help you and loved ones during times of acute stress resulting from grief and loss. Children and adults as well as civilians and the military need love, support, and guidance in order to process the losses in separation and divorce, fatal accidents, demise of a close friend, family member or significant other, loss of a job or home, or other sudden and unwelcomed turn of events.

We will walk with you through your darkest hour, holding the light of faith and giving you hope, renewal, and strength.

For more information about mental health services in the Tampa Bay area, visit our website at Also, see our parent company’s website at

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