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The Secret to Improving Communication and Sexual Satisfaction in Relationships

date night

Psst! Would you like to hear a secret? What is something couples can do that can improve their communication and sex lives? I’ll give you a hint: its not having a baby. Its…date night!

Hello! Are you with me?

Going on a date can seem so simple, and sometimes seems like such a task. But you can actually improve your relationship by just going out on dates. Date nights improve communication between partners because you learn more about what he or she likes and does not like. You learn more about common interests and other interests you either forgot or did not know about your partner. Most importantly, you spend quality time with each other, which allows you to bond and emotionally connect with one another.

That emotional connection draws you closer to your mate, and you begin to express more affection–including kissing, touching, holding–which leads to…you guessed it, increased sexual satisfaction.

Here are some tips for dating your partner:

  1. Set aside specific times for date night and stick to it. For example, once per week, or once every other week on a Saturday night (or a night that fits in with your schedule).

  2. Make it a surprise! One partner surprising the other with a new activity for date night increases excitement. One partner can set up the date for week one, and the other partner can alternate the next week, and so on.

  3. Do something different. Step outside of your comfort zone and pick activities that are outside of the typical dinner and a movie. For example, go to a game room where you can be a kid again, or take a cooking class together.

  4. Play pretend. Pretend you and your partner are dating for the first time again and be open to learning more about each other. Observe each other, ask questions, and remind each other of the things you like.

What other things can you do to start dating your partner again?

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