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  • Sam DiFranco


Parenting can be very fulfilling and satisfying. While most can agree that there are more good days than bad, the difficult days can be very time consuming. At Star Point Counseling center in Brandon, FL & Tampa, FL, we offer daily living skills, social skills and appropriate behavior skills that can be used anywhere in life! For new parents, you may be overwhelmed by parenting information and advice. They may be unsure of what is best for their child. So they may turn to therapy. If this is the case for you and your family, Star Point Counseling center in Brandon, FL & Tampa, FL is available.

Parenting may become more difficult when a child shows signs of behavior issues. Parenting may also become more complex if the child has a physical or intellectual disability. It can be hard to cope when a child needs extensive medical treatment or other extra care. Parents may find it difficult to give their children equal attention. This may cause some parents to feel guilt and greater levels of stress.

Besides the difficult times, We understand the excitement and challenges that come with having a family as well, and want to help you to help each other make adjustments to the changes that occur in a household.

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