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  • Sam DiFranco

Family of orgin interference

As the holiday’s are approaching it is important to be prepared for some clash of opinions with family members, particularly with in laws. Some difficulties are:

1) The spouse’s parents express unsolicited opinions and judgments about behavior or decisions of the couple in an apparent attempt to control the spouse.

2) The grandparents attempt to impose their beliefs about how the parents should raise the grandchildren.

3) The parents’ siblings interfere with issues regarding raising the children.

4) The couple argues over the perception that one spouse’s family of origin is overstepping their boundaries

Some goals to combat family difficulties are:

1) The parent’s family-of-origin members accept the boundaries and terminate the practice of directly imposing their beliefs and values onto their children’s immediate family.

2) The parents make clear to all members of their families of origin that they have a specific set of rules and regulations by which they govern their children and wish no outside interference.

3) Marital conflict regarding a spouse’s family-or-origin interference with family issues is reduced.

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