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How Can Counseling Help You?


Counseling is a resource that can be utilized by anyone having emotional distress. This includes overwhelming stress and/or anxiety, mood fluxuations, family issues, couples issues, uncontrollable grief from a loss, addiction, and the list goes on and on. Counseling can also be utilized by people who are not experience severe problems, but are having trouble getting on track. People come to counseling prior to making big life decisions such as marriage or having children, and then sometimes even come after those decisions are made. But how is it that counseling can be so helpful and useful for people with different issues and problems? The answer is simple…. people are dynamic, and so is counseling.

Mental Health Counseling is a profession meant to help people who function within a “normal” range overcome some of life challenges. A counselor helps individuals, couples, and families with reported problems based on the specific goals that the client(s) determine he/she want to meet. There are many types of counseling, but each is based on theories and evidence based practices meant to be guidelines for therapists. Often counseling practices include changing thoughts and behaviors to best promote and reach the client’s goals.

But along with this systematic (and brief) definition of counseling, something very interesting exists. The relationship between counselor and client is probably the most important element of the counseling process. If trust, honesty, disclosure, comfort, and connection do not exist the chances of successful therapy may be fairly low. It is an intimate engagement meant to provide a caring, objective and nonjudgmental environment where change can take place.

Counseling does usually come with fees. Fees are often based on a sliding scale so that people with income restrictions can benefit from this resource as well. The cost also depends on the level of education and licensure the mental health counselor has. Interns are within a master’s degree program and are at the lowest level of experience and education. Supervised, or in some states Registered Interns have completed school and are working towards licensure. Licensed Mental Health Counselors, or in some states Licensed Professional Counselors, have completed a master’s degree program and have the most experience. Psychologists provide mental health counseling as well, as they operate at the doctoral level. However, psychologists usually have higher fees and specialize in more severe mental health disorders.

While this is only a very small explanation of counseling and its key players, it gives a little insight into what counseling is. For more information on counseling visit our website at Or to make an appointment in the Brandon/Tampa Bay area, call us at 813-260-8892.

Affordable Counseling of Brandon Florida offers quality mental health services at an affordable price!

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