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  • Sam DiFranco


Infidelity can cause deep-rooted scars, mistrust, and a loss of confidence in one’s partner, oneself, and the relationship, in general.

A successful relationship often means both people feel stable and secure. It often also requires physical and emotional intimacy. A lack in satisfaction, can increase the infidelity rate.

Changes in behavior can consist of:

-low confidence -rage -self-blame -depression -shame

The longer an affair lasts, the greater its impact may be. The majority of affairs do not remain secret. This means that fear or resistance to speaking up about an affair may harm both partners in the long term.

*it is okay to speak up and you will be able to get the help needed.

If your partner has had an affair, couples therapy at Star Point Counseling Center, may help. Partners who choose to rebuild their relationship after an affair may use therapy to help rebuild trust in their relationship.

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