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Managing Stress from Covid 19

COVID-19 Managing Stress

Stress, Coping and Living a Healthy Life at Home

Fear and anxiety about COVID-19 can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions. Learning how to cope with stress and staying healthy while at home will make you, the people you care about, and your community stronger.

Tips to stay calm during this COVID-19 outbreak

At Affordable Counseling Center in Brandon & Tampa Fl. we think when you feel anxious, these are some steps you can take to put those feelings in perspective: 

  1. Information is useful—but too much information can be unhelpful. Limit news intake to what is actually providing new information, and stick to reliable news sources. There’s no benefit to watching the same news over and over.

  2. Take the necessary and recommended precautions, but don’t try to “innovate” new ones. As with all dangers, the trick is to be ‘careful enough.’ When we try to ensure 100% safety, we get caught up in unhelpful behaviors.

  3. Keep up daily routines, and make changes only when necessary. Maintaining regular schedules and routines is a good way to keep anxiety at bay and feel normal. Even if some changes need to be made, maintaining the overall routine is helpful.

  4. Don’t completely isolate yourself from other people. Fear of spreading the disease can cause some people to withdraw socially, but maintaining relationships and social support are good ways to combat anxiety. Even if you are in self-quarantine or mandatory quarantine, keep up social interaction using FaceTime/Skype, phone calls, or text messages.

  5. Limit screen time. Too much time on the phone or computer, on social media or websites, can lead to less activity and more anxiety.

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