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  • Sam DiFranco


Mood swings may occur as a reaction to circumstances or environment. Of course moodiness can occur in someone’s life at times of stress and or deadlines. However, those that deal with severe moodiness (frequent), may struggle to balance health and daily function.

What can cause mood swings?

As mentioned before, people may be dealing with deadlines, therefore, increasing stress levels. Other causes of mood swings may consists of:

Lack of sleep Diet change Medication symptoms Shifts in stable environment and or lifestyle.

It is important to understand the difference between mood swings and bipolar. For those that battle with bipolar disorder, they experience manic episodes. It can be expressed as going from a “euphoric state to an irritable state within minutes.” For those that may deal with mood swings, it is considered easier to manage unless it is severe, which then could lead to bipolar disorder.

Mood swings can be difficult to deal with on a daily. At Star point Counseling Center, we can help you find a balance. For example, figuring out how to adjust your schedule to tackle tasks, creating a better sleep schedule and expressing your burdens to find a solution.

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