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Relationship Counseling At Affordable Counseling Center in Tampa Fl, and Brandon Fl.

hen might couples counselling not be suitable?

There are certain relationship issues where couples counselling in Tampa Fl, and Brandon Fl, may not be suitable and a good therapist will signpost you to other support, examples are:

  1. one partner needing support for addiction (alcohol, gambling, other)

  2. domestic abuse (disclosed or undisclosed)

  3. one partner has already withdrawn from the relationship, for example, they have moved out and do not want to continue the relationship (discernment counselling might be useful)

  4. one partner has issues that are best dealt with in individual therapy, such as PTSD or past abuse

Couples counsellors will not:

  1. take sides in an argument

  2. favour one party over another

  3. work with issues that are not relevant to the relationship

  4. tell you whether to stay together or separate


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