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  • Sam DiFranco


Is shopping a hobby or has it become an addiction?

People with shopping addiction often invest excessive time and resources to shop. They may not know what need they are trying to fill, but the compulsion to buy is still strong.

What resembles shopping addiction:

  1. Obsessing about shopping all the time

  2. Shopping to improve one’s mood

  3. Buying more items to feel the same satisfaction as before

  4. Buying so much one cannot meet daily responsibilities such as school

  5. Buying so much it has affected one’s well-being

Shopping addiction can result in compulsive behavior. Which leads to hoarding:

  1. An overwhelming desire to own certain items, even when those objects aren’t needed.

  2. A fear of losing (or missing the chance to buy) said item.

  3. Unusual meaning and value placed on inanimate objects.

At Star Point Counseling center, therapy can help with compulsive spending. If you are struggling with this, therapy may be a great fit. 

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