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  • Sam DiFranco

Social Anxiety

For those who may suffer from social anxiety, it can cause a person to second guess their social interactions with others.

Those affected with social anxiety often feel uncomfortable in large social gatherings, or small settings with people who are unfamiliar –anyplace out of their comfort zone creates anxiety for them.

Most people that deal with social anxiety, may feel isolated or that their fear is irrational. They may experience other symptoms such as : – Fear of going places without feeling judged. – Avoid being the center of attention – Analyze how you felt after social interactions.

For example, when a person goes to a concert, with their being a big number of people present, it can cause one to feel like they are being watched. Which then triggers their social anxiety.

Regardless of how severe the case may be, you shouldn’t have to deal with it alone. There are tons of resources that can help improve this problem, such as therapy. At Star Point Counseling center, we will target your specific anxiety triggers to help you learn coping mechanisms and deal with the symptoms that follow.

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