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  • Sam DiFranco

The Effects of Divorce on Children

Divorce occurs in about 50 percent of marriages nowadays and has a big impact on every individual in the family. Children react to divorce in a variety of ways. It is important that you take notice on how the children are reacting to and coping with the divorce. Some behaviors that children may exhibit are sudden shifts in mood and emotional outbursts. Many children exhibit signs of lack of interest in school and a decline in overall school performance.

It is a difficult time for all involved, but it is important that the parents demonstrate mutual respect for each other, especially when they are in front of the children. Going through a divorce is not an easy process for the parents or the children. Seeking out a professional may help the family learn new coping skills and healthy ways of dealing with the emotions that are brought on by the shift in the family. Check out our website at to learn more about our counseling services or call 813-244-1251 to schedule an appointment with one of great therapists today!

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