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  • Sam DiFranco

The Secret to Happiness PT 2

The little things really do matter in life. Taking care of your body is a priority, however, have you ever looked at other things that will bring you peace and fulfillment?

Of course happiness doesn’t happen overnight, but it can be found through trying a variety of things such as: * Celebrating your little victories- no matter how big or small an accomplishment may be, it is vital to celebrate the progress and efforts made because every detail counts. * Be creative- this can be with painting, drawing, singing, dancing, anything that gets your heart pumping with excitement. *Accepting imperfections- Once a person understands “perfection” doesn’t exist, it can help appreciate the things in the world a lot more. It definitely will play a role in focusing on the positive.

Research has shown that people who report having happiness, experience: * more alert, and alive attitude * lower blood pressure * stronger immune system * more optimistic * feel less lonely and isolated

Have you reached optimal Happiness? If you can’t truly answer this question, therapy can help guide you. Everyone deserves happiness and to find that inner peace. If you don’t know where to start, try Star Point Counseling Center in our Tampa, Fl & Brandon, Fl locations.

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