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  • Sam DiFranco



In relationships with s/o, friends and or family, it is vital to be together. Research shows, that unity is a key component to survival.

When there is unity, there is peace. Having that unbreakable bond, allows one to learn more about others and themselves. It is a positive way to build relationships and be more accepting to others as well as understanding. At some point, everyone wants to feel loved and appreciated and that can be the perfect way to start.

You may still be asking why unity is important, so here are some examples: 1. Unity is needed for survival 2. Unity helps to grow 3. Unity works in wonders 4. Unity gives courage

In order to be mentally healthy and or stable, a person must GROW. This growth refers to compromising, accepting someone for who they are and not pushing the limits. It can be hard at times, however, if you find yourself still struggling with handling the problems, counseling is always an option.

At Star Point Counseling Center in Tampa, FL and Brandon, FL we are currently offering online and over the phone counseling in Tallahassee, Orlando, Jacksonville, and Gainesville, Florida!

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