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Depression Treatment At Affordable Counseling Center in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL.

In therapy for depression at Affordable Counseling Center in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL, you will come to better understand the cause of your depression or feelings of sadness. Our therapist will provide you with skills to navigate negative self-talk. We will work with you on making changes in your thinking which will impact how you feel and what you do. We also will talk about behavior changes you can make in your day to day life to help you feel better. You will have concrete skills that you can use to help improve your mood.

You do not have to struggle with feelings of sadness or depression. In a safe and compassionate environment at Affordable Counseling Center in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL, we will work with you to help you feel better. We are here to help you take off the grey colored glasses of depression so that you can live life at your best and feel your best. We also understand that you may have some questions about therapy for depression in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL. You can see below with some frequently asked questions about therapy for depression.

How do I know this will help?

While we cannot offer 100% guarantees that depression therapy will help you feel better, our experience and the research shows that therapy is effective. Therapy teaches you skills to help change your thinking and behaviors. Therapy for depression in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL, also helps you work through feelings of sadness, loneliness, or frustration.  You will have a comfortable space where you can meet with an expert in depression. You also don’t have to leave your home. You can curl up with a blanket and cup of tea and speak to a therapist who is experienced in treating depression from your own couch.

Is this confidential?

Yes, we cannot tell anyone about your therapy appointments for depression or even that you are working with a psychologist unless you give us written permission to.

Do I have to take medication for depression?

Taking medication for depression is a personal choice. Therapy is an effective treatment for depression and taking medication for depression can also be an effective treatment. The combination of therapy and medication for some people is able to help relieve symptoms at the fastest rate. For some clients that we work with we may suggest meeting with a psychiatrist for a consultation about medication. However, we have worked with many clients who have gotten out of depressive episodes and significantly improved their symptoms without taking medication. As therapist we cannot prescribe medication, so if you are wanting medication we can make a referral. We work with many physicians and psychiatrists and are happy to connect you with someone for medication.

You do not have to suffer with feelings of sadness

You deserve to feel well. We provide therapy for depression to clients in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL.


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