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  • Sam DiFranco

Processing the trauma At Affordable Counseling Center In Brandon Fl, And Tampa Fl.

When Affordable counseling center in Brandon Fl, and Tampa Fl, helps clients process life challenges, including traumatic grief, we addresses their trauma. If conflict existed in the relationship with the person who died, clients may need to work through challenges that they had or feelings of guilt or shame that can be present following the loss, Hughes adds. 

A traumatic loss can also trigger a past trauma, which might be the underlying reason for the client’s current complicated grief response. Affordable counseling center in Brandon Fl, and Tampa Fl, once worked with a man whose mother had just died. Although their relationship had been strong at the time of her death, the client’s mother had been abusive when he was a child. Her death triggered this past childhood trauma, causing the client to feel not only grief over her loss but also anger for the past abuse and guilt about the relief he felt for no longer having to care for her. The client was afraid to admit these complex feelings to Affordable counseling center in Brandon Fl, and Tampa Fl, because he was ashamed for feeling resentment, anger and relief when he thought he should be feeling only grief. The client’s cognitive dissonance disrupted his ability to grieve in a healthy way and further anchored him in a complicated grief response. She validated his feelings and reminded him that expressing the full range of his emotions didn’t mean that he was attacking his mother’s memory.


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