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What Anxiety Looks Like At Affordable Counseling Center in Tampa FL, And Brandon FL.

People of all ages can, and do, experience anxiety in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL, but the signs of anxiety can vary depending on a person’s age. In children and teens, anxiety can surface behaviorally or can mimic other types of mental or physical illnesses.

What Anxiety Can Look Like in Children

Younger children can’t always describe their emotions, so physical symptoms of anxiety are common. These can include complaints of stomach and headaches or chest pains. Anxious children may also act out, throwing tantrums or displaying a lot of defiant behavior. Avoidant behavior is also common in children with anxiety in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL, who may start avoiding certain activities, places, or things that trigger their anxiety.

What Anxiety Can Look Like in Teens

In teens, anxiety in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL, can also show up behaviorally. Anxious teens may seem moody and get into more confrontations with teachers and parents or they may begin socially isolating themselves. Parents of anxious children and teens may notice that their grades are dropping or hear from teachers that their child is less focused in class. Changes in sleep and eating patterns may also indicate an underlying anxiety disorder.

What Anxiety Looks Like in Adults

Not all adults will experience anxiety in the same way, and anxiety is often overlooked or attributed to other factors. Some people experience more physical symptoms like a racing heart, upset stomach, muscle tension, and migraines, while others struggle with overthinking or worrying too much. Many adults will confuse their anxiety in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL, as “stress,” not recognizing how consistent, frequent, or severe their symptoms have become.

Anxiety in Older Adults

Anxiety in old adults often goes undetected. Sometimes it can be masked or overridden by more pressing physical ailments, and other times seniors will deny feeling anxious to avoid loved ones from becoming overly concerned or burdened. In some cases, anxiety in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL, in older adults surfaces as increased concerns about safety, security, health, or even the larger society. Other times, it becomes apparent when a person changes their routine, and uses avoidance coping to stay away from certain situations, or becomes overly concerned with precautionary measures that seem excessive.

If you or someone you care about is concerned about a potential anxiety disorder, seeking professional treatment at Affordable Counseling Center in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL, is highly recommended. Counselors, social workers, psychologists, and other licensed professionals can verify a diagnosis and help people explore options to treat and manage their condition.


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